Food for Thought

Food for Thought

A Career Development Series from the UC Santa Barbara Alumni Association

Bringing Career Connections to the Table. Food For Thought is a UCSB Alumni Association program that connects current UCSB Students with local Alumni professionals in their fields of interest. Each dinner is a chance for students to get real world advice and Alumni to provide their expertise to students over a shared meal.

Serving Expertise and Experience. Every month, alumni hosts working in a featured professional path will invite a select number of UCSB students to a dinner career talk. Each dinner host opens up their home, office, or favorite local spot to 6 – 10 students and gives an opportunity for the host to share their experiences and kernels of knowledge they have picked up along the way of their career path to help students prepare themselves and make smart choices at the early part of their career journey.

Apply and RSVP. Our Food for Thought dinners are open to all UCSB students. Priority registration will be given to our UCSB Alumni Association Collegiate Members. Seating is limited, so all applicants must submit their RSVP forms before the monthly deadline.

If you are a UCSB graduate who would like to host a Food for Thought dinner, click here or email us at foodforthought@ucsbalum.com
If you are a student looking for more information on upcoming food for Thoughts, please email: foodforthought@ucsbalum.com


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